CPMC Services

Whether you're a burgeoning startup, a private equity firm or a well-established tech company looking for new growth, Caron Product Management Consulting can help you successfully navigate wherever you are in your product journey.

Primary Market Research

The secret to massive product traction is to understand the customer better than they understand themselves. We can help you craft your market research to uncover the deepest of insights.

Product Strategy / Roadmapping

It is common for tech businesses in the growth stage to jump on whatever tasks arise in real time. We can support the development of longer term product strategies and the roadmaps to realize them.

Product Ideation Facilitation

Seasoned facilitation can mean the difference between a rich suite of compelling product concepts and simply more-of-the-same, stale backlogs of features that won't significantly move the needle.

Product Process Enhancement

Growth stage companies often work in a "seat of the pants" fashion, with cryptic communications paths that leave most team members in the dark. We help to improve processes to drive clarity and alignment.

Qrtly / Annual Team Objectives

Product strategies are useless if they aren't translated into cohesive actions that can be executed to realize them. We can help guide the team to develop transformative objectives and tasks.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Before you invest in a tech enterprise, it is critical to understand its strengths from a product and market perspective. We perform due diligence so that you can move forward or decline with confidence.

Product Leadership Coaching

We support new Product Management leaders as they take on their new role. Often, but not always, they come from a tech background and need support with business, marketing or leadership concepts.

Product Team Building

Strong product teams deliver world class products. We are expert at creating a strong chemistry within the team and redirecting conflicts away from the organization and towards competitors.

Product Manager Hiring Selection

The right hire can mean the difference between product failure and massive growth. We can support your promotion, search and hiring efforts to make sure your decision delivers the correct outcome.

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