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Gerry Caron
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I am a product-focused businessperson with decades of leadership experience successfully growing market-leading B2C and B2B tech brands including iRobot, Universal Robots, Fort Robotics, Bose, Polycom, OtterBox, iZotope and others.

I have a business and technical education from leading universities, with personal mentoring from Dr. Amar Bose, founder of Bose Corporation. My award-winning background covers a broad range of industries including robotics, software, industrial automation, audio/music tech, consumer electronics, and more.

I currently sit on the Board of Directors for Hirebotics and act as strategic advisor to PickNik Robotics.

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Results that speak for themselves

“Gerry was instrumental in aligning our management team around key product strategies to accelerate the business. He is a trusted advisor and key asset for our organization.”

Dave Coleman
Founder & CEO @ PickNik Robotics

"Gerry has an uncanny ability to separate the signal from the noise. I trust him implicitly, especially when it comes to translating business strategy into product plans and investment."

Jonathan Berschadsky
IP Attorney @ Merchant & Gould P.C.

“A strong team and solid experience are the lifeblood of any successful startup. Gerry's seasoned leadership and deep experience in our market has provided us a remarkable competitive advantage.”

Padraic Connolly
Founder & CEO @ Swippitt
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